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Finally, we are able to bring you some news about Arjen’s next recording project.

At the end of September 2006, Arjen’s new studio was finished and ready to use. The very next day, Arjen went in with his trusted little tape recorder, and papers with dozens of song ideas that he’d been working on for the past year.

He has been in his studio nearly every day (and night) since then, getting the ideas translated into songs. The musical ideas are so extremely varied that only one project could possibly hold them all: Ayreon.

Arjen has already been in contact with some very interesting and talented people to help create a new dimension of the Ayreon Universe. Of course, we’ll keep you informed on Arjen’s progress over the next months!


Aunque soy seguidor de SoP y me hubiera gustado un anuncio de seguido disco(mas que nada por el hecho de que la banda seguiría junta… si dijeran que siguen juntos y el disco tardara 2 años, igual me alegraría), me agrada mucho mas la idea de que Ayreon regrese. Es de los proyectos de Arjen que mas espero(Star One como que si, pero como que no y a Ambeon lo veo ya imposible) y se que no me decepcionara.

Mientras no use de nuevo a Labrie o alguna Jansen, no hay fijon, jajaja.