Es el guitarrista faltante del nuevo Stream of Passion

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Birthday: July 2nd
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Equipment: Rikkers, Haar, Gibson and Ibanez Guitars, Garrison Acoustic Guitars, Diezel VH4 amp, Bogner speakercabinet, THD Hotplate
  • Endorsements: Rikkers Guitars, Garrison Acoustic Guitars
  • Bands: Third Half, The Bad-Ass Berettas, Blues Brothers and Band
  • Main influences: Everything with guitars
  • Favorite bands: Tool, A perfect circle, At the drive in, Evanescence, The Dillenger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta, Mudvayne, Deftones, Dave Matthews Band
  • Favorite musicians: John-5, Hammett, Vai, Setzer, Satriani, Mayer, Moore, Dale, Howerdel, Keenan, Freeze, Beaufort, Carey, Vaughan
  • Favorite movies: X-men movies, Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, The Lord of the Rings, American History X
  • Favorite books: The long walk by Stephan King (Commercial TV will come to this eventually!)
  • Favorite sports: Running, pumping iron and speed picking ;-)
  • Favorite food: Everything with meat, ice-cream
  • Favorite drinks: Soda, cold beer, good whiskey
  • Dislikes: People with no respect, to much testosterone and not enough brains to think for themselves!The classifications about people that are made based on what they wear, or the music they listen to.The lack of individuality today. Abuse; whether it is physical, mental, sexual, emotional, or verbal.Hate, violence, war, ignorance, insensitiveness, narrow-mindedness.(Before you point your finger you should know that I’m the man. And if I’m the man, then you’re the man, and he’s the man as well. So you can point that fuckin’ finger up your ass (from Tool’s ‘Hooker with a penis’))

Y no, no tocaba en Simple Plan :P

Ahora a esperar un demo… o algo… YA!!!