Por si tanto les preocupaba eso.

Tarja ha actualizado su blog y habla un poco de su gira sudamericana y de como ensayara en México:

I am preparing myself for the South American tour, which is going to start pretty soon. This tour is something that I’ve been waiting for so long. It is no lie to tell that it is one of my biggest dreams to be able to perform in this continent.

Local people here are very emotional and passionate and they want to show their love for music and the artists.

Soon the rehearsals for the tour will take place in Mexico. I am looking forward to see how Kiko and the rest of us will get the ball rolling and rocking. I am very excited! So take your camera with you to the concerts, to capture the unique atmosphere and performance of this group of people. You never know when this is going to happen again.

One of the personal highlights of the tour will be definitely the return to Guadalajara, Mexico. As some of you might know, some nasty, bad things happened there to me many years ago while performing on stage.

Because of this, specially, I wished to get an opportunity to go there again. I want to get a nicer memory of the city and its people and to heal my scars. In the end, I can’t blame all the audience for one stupid man’s behaviour. I miss my fans in Mexico and I will be very delighted to sing for you again.

Nunca había regresado a Guadalajara después de lo que paso? (por si no saben lo que ocurrió, aquí hay un vídeo) No sabia…
Sobre las cámaras, espero que Dilemma este enterado… Si no, pasara como cuando el Vive Latino