Y en particular, ya se grabo la batería. El baterista en esta ocasión es Chris Maitland, mejor conocido por su trabajo en Porcupine Tree.

We recorded Chris Maitland’s drums last month at RS 29 (the studio where I recorded drums for the first 5 Ayreon albums). Not only did he live up to my (admittedly high) expectations; he surpassed them! I’ve been a big fan of his drumming ever since I heard Porcupine Tree’s ‘Signify’ in 1996, and particularly since seeing him play live with them. Chris’s playing has it all: great energy and power coupled with a perfect groove and flawless technique. I almost worked with him on Ayreon’s ‘The Dream Sequencer’ in 1999, but that didn’t work out at the very last moment.

The project I’m currently working on was just screaming for his particular style; the music is subtle at times but also quite heavy and challenging in places. Chris’s performance during the sessions was brilliant, and now I’m really enjoying recording the vocalist, who comes over to record one song every couple of weeks. I realize that artists say this all the time, but I truly believe that this will be my strongest side project yet!

Y deja un sample:

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Nuevamente Arjen pone las expectativas bastante altas para su siguiente proyecto.

Y nunca me ha fallado.