Originally the brainchild of Arjen Lucassen‘s (Ayreon, Star One…), Stream of Passion is now ready to release their second studio album. “The Flame Within” leaves its predecessor in the dust thanks to maturer songwriting that presents a further developed band able to give Gothic Metal a newfound profundity. Carried by Marcela Bovio‘s fantastic vocal lines, Stream of Passion delivers the entire spectrum of human emotions-at times dreamy and melancholic, at others uninhibited and forward pressing. In this way, heavy riffs merge with romantic undertones in majestic unity. Jens Bogren‘s (Fascination Street Studios) mastering work allows the tracks’ subtle nuances to come into play. “The Flame Within” is more than a loosely arranged sequence of songs, but rather a holistic Gothic Metal masterpiece complete with mystic elements and sonorous symphonic romanticism.

1.The Art Of Loss
2.In The End
3.Now Or Never
4.When You Hurt Me The Most
5.Run Away
6.Games We Play
7.This Endless Night
8.My Leader
9.Burn My Pain
10.Let Me In
11.Street Spirit
12.A Part Of You
13.All I Know

Sale el 29 de Mayo.

Tengo sentimientos encontrados con este álbum. Por un lado, me gusta mucho SoP, pero por el otro, la ausencia de Arjen Lucassen me hace dudar. Espero que al final, The Flame Within sea un gran álbum y deje claro que no necesitan a Arjen.

Si, que así sea…